Vision Screener Instruments

Driven by the VT1 software or the LCD screen remote control, this model places all our knowledge in the vision field at your disposal, as well as all the computer technology assets (database access, programming of sequences, ergonomic and user-friendly interface).
Depisteo VT-1 Occ Health Keyboard Version
Driven by its ergonomic and user-friendly "1 click 1 test" remote control, this model is used for quick and reliable screening of the most common visual problems.
Titmus Vseries Vision Screener
Vision Screener with tests typically used by Occupational Health Doctors/Nurses for screening employees for various job functions, DOT testing. Tests include Visual Acuity (using Landolt rings per ANSI/ISO Stds), Binocular Vision, Depth / Color Perception, Muscle Balance (horizontal/vertical) and peripheral vision.
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