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Benson Audiometer and Spirometer Integrated

Audiometer and Spirometer Integrated video.  See how a shared database can streamline your OH testing. 

Benson Spirometer CCS-200
Spirometer. Accurate and repeatable spirograms for use in NIOSH-compliant programs.
Plus Package: $3,590.00
EasyOne Air
EasyOne Air is the new, all-in-one revolution in lung function testing. Built for healthcare providers large and small, EasyOne Air puts the power of the most advanced spirometry testing tools in the palm of your hand.
ndd EasyOnPC
The Easy on-PC uses the power of your PC, laptop, or tablet, leveraging True Flow ultra sound technology for a complete spirometry solution. This PC spirometer uses pediatric incentives, displays inspiratory and expiratory real time curves and offers challenge testing.
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The Spirolyser® Q13® is a computerised spirometer that uses single-use FLEISCH type sensors (patented technology). It is intended for use by health professionals. Its design, technology and ergonomy provide the essential tools for measuring respiratory capacity in preventive medicine.
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